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How to Enjoy Your Italian Vacation to the Full

 Italy is well worth a visit. It has excellent food and drink and a culture backed by centuries of history. The following practical advice will help you enjoy every moment of your Italian vacation.


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Before you travel, buy a phrase book or use an online translator to learn some everyday words and phrases in Italian. Examples are:


Good morning–buongiorno

A coffee, please–un caffè per favore

The bill, please–il conto per favore

Thank you–grazie


Many Italians, especially those in the tourist industry, speak English. But why not try to speak Italian? After all, it’s part of the fun of a vacation.



Eating good food is something you can take for granted in Italy. Your choice of dishes is considerable and extends well beyond pizza and pasta. Many restaurants also account for special dietary needs. Be prepared to experiment: look for those dishes you may never have experienced at home.


Buget car rental coupon codes - websiteDrink

Italian wine is legendary, and deservedly so. You’ll find that the house whites and reds are always reliable. You may also wish to try regional favorites: simply ask your waiter or bartender to recommend one. But don’t forget Italian beers, which can also be excellent, and liqueurs. The latter include Amaretto, which is almond flavored; Sambuca, which tastes of anise; and Limoncello, a lemon liqueur.


Side-Street Restaurants and Cafés

When you go out to eat or drink in Italy, don’t restrict yourself to the restaurants and cafés along the main roads or in central locations. You can find some great places tucked away down side streets. If you’re driving, look out for restaurants and cafés in seemingly out-of-the-way locations. You can find some delightful places frequented mainly by local people.



The range of possible souvenirs in Italy is huge. For example, you can buy relatively inexpensive small items that you can carry home with you. These include trinket boxes made from inlaid and highly polished wood. Or you can spend a great deal on items such as porcelain and furniture that you can arrange to send home. You also have a wide choice of clothing and fashion accessories. The best advice is to set your budget in advance.


Museums, Landmarks, Churches, and Exhibitions

Once you’re in Italy, you’ll find no shortage of churches, landmarks, museums, and exhibitions to visit. Indeed, many of the churches and landmarks such as St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the Bridge of Sighs in Venice are world famous. However, when you’re strolling through a city or town, also keep an eye open for local exhibitions. Posters often advertise exhibitions of art, including painting, sculpture, and photography, in local museums and churches. Time spent at these can prove as rewarding as visits to internationally renowned sights.



When evening falls in Italy, you may wish to experience an opera. Teatro La Scala in Milan is a popular venue, but bear in mind that Verona hosts a season of open-air operas each year in the Roman amphitheater. The Verona season starts around the end of June and ends around the beginning of September. Other areas in Italy that also host opera include Venice, Naples, Sicily, and Turin.


Way of Life

Do remember these tips when you go to Italy. Above all, plan ahead and prepare to immerse yourself in the country’s culture and way of life.